Fall Bridal Bouquets: Trending Floral Arrangements for Your Big Day

With so many beautiful blooming flowers, fall is full of options to include in your wedding day bouquet. Dahlias, sunflowers and roses are just a few of our favorites in season during this time of year. They can all come together to create a gorgeous floral arrangement! Here are a few trending ideas to draw inspiration from when making your own fall bridal bouquet.

fall bridal bouquets that you will love

Monochromatic Colors

Can’t decide on a favorite flower? Go with a simple yet elegant monochromatic color scheme for your bouquet! Choose as many flowers as you’d like in the same color palette. We recommend using no more than four different shades of the same color to create this effect so your bouquet isn’t too overwhelming. 

Dry Flowers

A big trend we’re seeing for fall is brides choosing dried flowers for a more neutral, rustic look to their bridal bouquets. Dried lavender and daisies are two of our favorites to add as an accent to your arrangement! You can even press and dry the flowers yourself, and keep them long after your ceremony for the memories. 

Go Green

With so many fall weddings taking place outdoors in the nice weather, go all natural with a simple all green bouquet. Incorporate green leaves and vines along with a few floral additions such as baby’s breath, ferns and eucalyptus. 

More Than Flowers

Your fall bridal bouquet doesn’t need to be limited to only flowers! The season is known for its bright foliage and you can take advantage of that in your own bouquet. Add in a few autumn leaves, some small branches and even berries to create more texture in your floral arrangement. 

Will you be hosting your wedding outdoors this fall? Check out some of our outdoor wedding ideas for the season when planning your own ceremony!


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