Unexpected Bridesmaid Dress Colors That Might Surprise You

We know choosing a great color for your bridesmaid dress can seem overwhelming. While your bridesmaids may have different preferences, finding a color that looks great on all doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are a few unexpected bridesmaid dress colors that may just surprise you.

how to choose bridesmaid dress colors

Sunshine Yellow

While yellow may be intimidating to some, a bold sunshine yellow looks surprisingly good on a wide variety of skin tones. We recommend pairing the color with some fresh greenery in your bouquets. Yellow is also an especially great bridesmaid dress color for the spring or summer months, or for an outdoor wedding.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are one of our favorite color schemes for bridesmaid dresses. They’re chic and sophisticated, yet still allow you to have fun with the rich colors. Some of our favorites are emerald green, deep purple or even a shimmering gold.

Shades of Gray

Simple yet elegant, a classic gray is a great choice of bridesmaid dress colors if you’re looking for something more minimal for your bridesmaids. Whether you opt for a darker gray or go a bit lighter, the color will also go well with nearly any and all accessories as well.

Mix + Match

Another truly unexpected bridesmaid dress color is mixing and matching your favorites. Choose a color palette that goes well with your wedding colors and theme, then let your bridesmaids choose different shades within that palette. This also allows your bridesmaids to wear a color they feel comfortable in for your special day.

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