Is a Couples Wedding Shower Right for You?

2020 has been a year of new traditions – and weddings are no different. From virtual ceremonies to receptions at home, couples are finding themselves creating new traditions, including a couples wedding shower. Here are a few important details you should consider before planning a wedding shower with your partner.

how to plan a couples wedding shower

Finding a Venue

Choosing the perfect venue that both you and your partner love is one of the most important aspects of planning a couples wedding shower. We recommend a location that has special meaning to each of you such as where you had your first date, where he proposed, a local restaurant you both enjoy or even your backyard if you’re on a set wedding budget. 

The Guest List

Creating a guest list for a couples wedding shower can seem complicated, especially depending on the size of your party. Be sure that you and your partner agree upon a set number of invited guests and try to have an even number from both sides. You’ll also need to decide if guests are allowed a plus-one and if children are also invited. Don’t forget to mention that it’s a couples shower on your invitations as well so guests can plan gifts accordingly. 

Gift Giving

Since your guest list will likely be longer due to a combined shower, we recommend creating a gift registry for your guests. While you can still include the traditional items like towels and kitchenware, don’t be afraid to get creative with your wish list as well. Include a few gifts for each of you such as power tools, electronics or some beautiful cashmere slippers. 

Fun Games

One of the most fun parts of any wedding shower is the games. Whether you’re hosting an indoor or outdoor couples wedding shower, there are several games to choose from. Some of our favorites include classic corn hole, charades, a scavenger hunt or couples trivia. You can also include prizes for the winners such as homemade treats, succulents and gift cards. 

Not only does a couples wedding shower allow you to share the day with your partner, you also get to celebrate your engagement together with family and friends. 

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