Multicolored Bridesmaid Dresses: Could This Trend Be for You?

One of the most popular trends we’ve seen emerge in recent years is brides stepping away from traditional matching bridesmaids dresses and opting for more creative designs such as multicolored dresses. Not only does this allow your bridesmaids the freedom to choose a dress they love, it also creates a beautiful color palette. Here are a few key details to consider when choosing multicolored bridesmaid dresses for your own wedding.

perfect multi colored bridesmaid dresses for my wedding

Choose Your Colors

One of the most difficult parts of choosing bridesmaid dresses is first selecting the colors. If you already have a color palette for your wedding, you can easily draw inspiration from there. When mixing colors for the bridesmaid dresses, you have a few different options:

  • The same dress in different hues 
  • The same color across different dress styles
  • Dresses in the same color family (pink, red, fuchsia, maroon, etc.)

Another great option is to choose your colors ahead of time and give your bridesmaids swatches of those colors. This allows them to find a dress in a style that feels most flattering to them, while also keeping with the color scheme for your wedding day.

multicolored bridesmaid dresses
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Pair With Your Theme

Whether your wedding theme is more rustic, nautical or simply seasonal, it’s important to consider your wedding colors and overall theme before selecting colors for your bridesmaid dresses. For example, if your core colors are blue and gold, a navy or baby blue would blend well with both to create a cohesive look for your wedding day. You can also match the bridesmaid dresses to their bouquets or your own bridal bouquet as well.  

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Neely Photography

Minimal Accessories 

No matter what colors you choose for your multicolored bridesmaid dresses, you can top off the wedding day look with accessories of your choice. For jewel-toned gowns, we recommend minimal accessories so as not to clash with the bright colors and draw focus away from the gowns. However for more blush-toned dresses, you have more freedom to be creative with accessories such as hairpins or jewelry. You can also brainstorm with your bridesmaids about what accessories they’d like to wear for the day if they have any personal preferences. 

how to choose multicolored bridesmaid dresses
Photo Courtesy of Lilly Red

Tips and Tricks

Coordinating various colors for your bridesmaid dresses may seem challenging, but there are a few ways to create a more uniform look even with different shades. Whether you’re looking for more formal floor-length dresses, or a shorter dress for a summer wedding, we recommend having the same length across all of your bridesmaids dresses regardless of which style they choose. You can also tie them all together with one common detail such as the same dress fabric, similar necklines or a matching necklace

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