Groom Tuxedo Ideas for Same-Sex Weddings

There are nearly endless options to choose from when shopping for wedding day attire for two grooms. Whether you prefer to match or show off your individual styles, don’t be afraid to mix + match colors, prints, and even accessories. From the classic tux to bold blazers, here are just a few of our favorite groom tuxedo ideas for same-sex weddings.

Groom Tuxedo Ideas for Same-Sex Weddings

Bold Blazer

Let your personal style shine through on your wedding day with a bold blazer. Not only does it add a fun, unexpected pop of color to your attire, you can also coordinate with your partner. Look for a blazer in a bright color such as aqua or maroon, or even opt for a playful print or pattern. 

Similar Color Combos

For grooms looking to coordinate their tuxedos for your special day, we recommend wearing the same suit color in different shades. This creates a cohesive look that isn’t too matching. Some of our favorite color combos are navy + light blue and lilac + pink. 

pastel wedding tuxedo
Photo Courtesy of Casey Brodley

A Classic Tux

If you want to keep your wedding day attire more clean and classic, you can’t go wrong with a traditional black and white tuxedo. They’re timeless yet modern, and look great on everyone. You also have the option to wear matching tuxedos, or mix it up with both black and white suit jackets. 

classic wedding tux
Photo Courtesy of Theo Milo Photography

Switch Up Accessories

One of the easiest ways to make same-sex weddings look unique to your own style is by switching up the accessories. Whether you’re wearing matching tuxedos or just want to add some individuality to your attire, change it up with different accessories. One groom can wear a tie while the other wears a bowtie, or opt for different colored pocket squares or boutonnières.

Still searching for the perfect tuxes for your wedding day? Book an appointment with our full service tuxedo shop located inside Gretchen’s Bridal! 

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