Small Wedding Bouquet Ideas That are Simply Stunning

Not only is a smaller bridal bouquet easier to carry and often more affordable, it can also help accentuate your wedding dress to show off your flattering silhouette. Here are just a few small wedding bouquet ideas to help inspire your florals on your special day.

beautiful small wedding bouquet ideas


Photo Courtesy of Alice Keeney Photography

A classic pomander bouquet is a sphere-shaped flower arrangement usually suspended by a ribbon on your wrist. While this is traditionally carried by the flower girl, it also makes a beautiful and unexpected bridal bouquet. You can customize to your liking such as adding colorful jewels, or suspending the flowers with a string of pearls or twine instead.

All Greenery

One of our favorite trends for a small wedding bouquet is an ensemble made up of all greenery. This is an especially great option if you’ll be hosting a backyard or outdoor ceremony, or for a rustic wedding theme. There’s a large selection of greenery you can choose from such as ferns, ivy, eucalyptus and more. 

Single Stem

Photo Courtesy of Jordan Brittley

Keep your wedding bouquet simple and choose only one elegant, large bloom flower such as a single hydrangea to make up your bouquet. While this is more minimal, it can also be far more eye-catching. Don’t forget to keep the stem long so you can easily carry it down the aisle, and finish the look with a satin ribbon tied around the stem. 

Floral Hoop 

Photo Courtesy of Mecca Gamble

Skip the traditional wedding bouquet all together and instead opt for a beautiful floral hoop. This one of a kind bridal accessory is sure to make a statement – and you can decorate the hoop with whatever flowers you’d like. We recommend white roses and a bit of greenery for an added romantic touch, or flowers that match your wedding colors are great as well. 

Dried Flowers

One of the newer trends we’ve seen emerge in recent months is dried flowers in place of a fresh bouquet. You can find them in a variety of textures and colors, which makes for a truly unique small wedding bouquet. Some of our favorite dried flower options include pampas grass, palm leaves and seed pods. And since they’re already dry, you’ll be able to keep your wedding bouquet as a keepsake long after your ceremony! 

Still searching for your dream dress to match your small wedding bouquet? Book an appointment with one of our bridal specialists today to find the dress style that works best for you! 

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