Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas You Will Love

While your wedding photos are a great reminder of your special day, a guest book can also be a fun way to save your cherished memories. Here are just a few of our favorite wedding guest book ideas to create a truly unique keepsake for years to come.

creative wedding guest book ideas

Maps + Postcards

use a globe as a guest book
Photo Courtesy of Erin McGinn Photography

For couples who love adventure, we recommend a fun travel-themed wedding guest book. Collect a few vintage postcards, world maps or even a globe for guests to sign and leave their well wishes. You can also ask your guests to leave suggestions on where you and your partner should travel next, or for your honeymoon!

Vintage Typewriter

Go old-school with your guest book and have a vintage typewriter available for guests to use to type their messages. If you’re unable to find a working machine online, you can still place an inoperable one alongside the table for a rustic theme

Puzzle Pieces

Piece together all of your guests’ messages with a crafty puzzle full of sweet notes. Encourage your guests to each pick one puzzle piece to sign their name or leave a short message for you to read later. Don’t forget to choose a large enough puzzle for each guest to have a piece to sign.  

Jenga Blocks

Keep the fun and games going with a classic Jenga set! Have guests each sign a block and you’ll be able to look back on the memories each time you play in the future. This affordable wedding guest book idea can also be used during your reception for some quick games once everyone has signed.

Tree Ornaments

If you’ll be having a Christmas-themed wedding, ornaments make the perfect guest book alternative. Have some markers on hand for guests to sign their own ornament so you can hang them on your own Christmas tree at home! We recommend having a cushioned box to place the ornaments once they’re done to help keep them from breaking.

Polaroid Photo Wall

One of our favorite wedding guest book ideas is a polaroid photo wall. Not only will you get great photos from throughout your wedding, you can also allow guests to take a few home as a souvenir. Leave a camera (or two) out for guests to snap photos throughout the reception – and be sure to have plenty of film available! 

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