The Best Place for Bridesmaid Dresses Isn’t Online

While shopping online for bridesmaid dresses may seem like the easier option, it can often lead to poor fitting gowns and more money spent on alterations. Here are just a few reasons why the best place for bridesmaid dresses isn’t online.

best place for bridesmaid dresses

Better Quality

We’ve heard all the horror stories of brides purchasing their bridesmaid dresses online, only to have them arrive looking completely different than the photos. The quality of online dresses simply does not match store quality a majority of the time. The cost difference between online and in-store shopping is also small.

shopping at Gretchen's Bridal

Less Alterations

More alterations means more money. Save your bridesmaids both time and money by shopping in-store for gowns that will have a better fit versus online dresses with incorrect size charts. At Gretchen’s, you’ll be measured and sized in store by our bridal specialists, which also leads to a better gown fit.

bridesmaids gowns at Gretchen's Bridal

More Flattering 

Not only do online bridesmaid dresses often not fit correctly, they are also not usually the most flattering for all body types. When you shop in-store, you’re able to see the gowns in person as well as trying them on for yourself to ensure they’ll look great on everyone in your bridal party. Trust us, your bridesmaids will thank you! 

best place for bridesmaid dresses is Gretchen's Bridal

Looks Better in Photos

Your wedding photos are images that you’ll look back on for years to come. Ill-fitting bridesmaid dresses are sure to stand out in pictures – and not in a good way. Shop in-store to avoid these cheap looking gowns and help your bridesmaids feel beautiful when taking photos on your special day. 

Rest assured that you will find the best place for bridesmaid dresses is Gretchen’s Bridal! Skip the online shopping and book an appointment with us today to browse our collection of bridesmaid dresses, or fill out our easy-to-use Measurement Form!

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