Planning a Small Intimate Wedding: Your Ultimate Guide

While small weddings have become the new normal this year, they also have a few advantages such as a less expensive budget and a more stress-free planning process. Here are some of our best tips for planning a small intimate wedding that you’ll never forget.

learn how to plan a small, intimate wedding yourself

Limit the Guest List

Our first tip for planning a small intimate wedding is to look at who you are planning to invite. An easy way to keep your guest list down for a small intimate wedding is to limit your guests’ plus ones. Depending on how small you’d like to keep it, you can choose to allow plus ones only for guests who are in long-term relationships or even have an age limit of 18 years or older. We recommend including this on your wedding invitations as well so guests can plan ahead and give you an accurate RSVP.

Make It Personal

With a smaller guest list, you’ll also be able to add some personalization where you can. Get creative with some fun welcome boxes for your guests or party favors that they’re sure to love. If your guest list is under 10 to 20, you can even consider monogramming a few of their favors with their initials or names, such as a warm blanket or glassware for them to bring home.

Sit Family Style

Another simple idea to create a more intimate atmosphere for your wedding day is to setup family-style banquet tables. Not only does it make it easy to have great conversations with all the guests at your table, it’s also more cozy with everyone all together instead of separated at different tables. If your wedding will be taking place in the warmer months, we recommend setting up your table outside along with some romantic string lighting and candles for the table.

Stay the Weekend

Since you’ll have a much smaller guest list, it can be fun to make your wedding a weekend-long affair and invite your guests to stay on-site. When searching for the perfect wedding venue, be sure to check if they offer accommodations as well to make it easier. You can even leave some fun personalized goodies in your guests’ rooms before they check in.

Splurge a Little

One of the best parts of having a small intimate wedding is it gives you more room in your budget to splurge in the areas you really care about. Since you’ll be saving money on things like a large catering order, you can use that money for things like a beautiful ice sculpture, extra special florals or a great photographer!

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