Our Best Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Shopping for your wedding dress is one of the most memorable parts of a wedding. Whether you already have a few styles in mind or want to try a variety of different options, here are just a few of our best wedding dress shopping tips to ensure you have a relaxed, enjoyable day.

wedding dress shopping tips

Start Early

Finding your perfect dress will take time, and rushing the process will only create stress. We recommend starting your search nine months to one year in advance of your wedding date. Our dress vendors can take six months to make and ship your gorgeous gown, so this allows plenty of time to ensure you receive exactly what you want. You’ll also be able to have alterations done if needed when you shop ahead of time. 

our best wedding dress shopping tips
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Have an Open Mind

Perhaps the most important thing to bring with you to your wedding dress appointment is an open mind. Even if you have a specific style or neckline in mind, it’s helpful when brides are also willing to explore other options because you never know what dress you’ll fall in love with! Also remember that bridal runs small, with many designers running 2-4 sizes smaller than street wear. There is a good chance that you will try something that doesn’t fit. However, the size of the gowns that fit you does not define you.

Come Prepared

One of our best wedding dress shopping tips is arriving prepared for your appointment. You don’t need to be runway ready, however it can be helpful to come with your hair and makeup done so you have a better idea of what your overall bridal day ensemble will look like on your wedding day. We also recommend eating a good breakfast beforehand so you’re fueled up for a day of browsing and trying on various dresses. 

how to shop for a wedding dress
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Bring a Small Group

We encourage all of our brides to be mindful of who they bring with them to the bridal appointment. Do you want people there for moral support who will keep their opinions to themselves, or someone more outspoken who will tell you what looks best? Knowing what you want in terms of support can help you decide who to bring along. A smaller group of 3-5 people often works best to avoid an overwhelming number of opinions while shopping.

Be Honest

Your stylist is there to help you find the wedding dress you feel most beautiful in. Being honest with them from beginning to end allows them to help you that much more. Some good details to share with your stylist include your maximum budget, any areas you don’t want to highlight on your body and a few styles you have in mind. This helps avoid any miscommunication, along with finding a dress that truly fits your personal style.

When you’re ready to start shopping for your own wedding dress, book an appointment with us at Gretchen’s Bridal! “Come for the selection, stay for the experience and leave with your perfect dress!”

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